Isnin, April 10, 2006

Too Phat Feat Siti Nurhaliza - Million Miles

Lagu daripada kumpulan budak Melayu yang berjiwa negro 'Too Phat' bersama2 denga Siti Nurhaliza - Million Miles. Ok lagu ni. Dengar ajerlah tak tahu apa nak kata..

Muaturun jerlah:
Too Phat Feat Siti Nurhaliza - Million Miles
(Siti Nurhaliza)

How love can ever be
Right before my eyes
Still a million miles away from me

Verse 1 (Malique)

The say the love is blind, I say it blinds you
Tempts you off your sanity, abide by mind rules
The truth behind the myth it lies in our reality
Love is just a four letter word that's sung in melody
To complete formality, you hear it when the ballads breathe
Every couple wants to be the next Cleo And Anthony
Or Clyde and Bonnie, or Frank butler and Annie
Mumtaz and Shah, Gina Montana and Manny
But tgis ain't no love epic, I'm just a hopeful skeptic
Mischievous thoughts made poetic now spit it on record
I'm not in love with you, I'm just in love at you
Distant admiration, link, and spoil the whole picture
I betcha mil, you dancin' in a million minds
A million times you handshakin' from a million different stories
And put a million smiles, a million different stories
And how we diff a million milesis self explanatory


Verse 2 (Joe Flizzow)

I sing this lullaby, forbidden love sitting before my eyes
My heart is screaming although nobody can hear my cries
Wishing on a star as I look into the night
Say a little prayer only God can understand my plight
Glimpses of her sight, flashing in my mind
Although she near the distance seems like a million miles
Somebody told me once that patience is a virtue
And true love is worth waiting for although it might just hurt you
And if it comes right back, that meansit's truly destined
I promise to hold back the tears, never say never
And I know you thinking of me all through out your endevours
And if its part of His plans, one day we'll be together
A few things last forever, so I write this poem
A lot of times, you won't miss it right untill it's gone
And though I soldier on, these feelings in my heart
Will never change 'cos I loved you from the start


Verse 3 (Malique)

We seen a lotta come
We seen a lotta go
But we ain't seen a lot of stars who got a lot of soul
And keep their feet to the ground
Despite a lotta sold, truly unforgettable like old Nat Cole
It ain't even about your look or style thst's debonair
The voice that stunts the nation when it comes on air
Expectations of intimacy was never there
But it would be nice to swap a couple hellos with the funny stares
But you just bound to dumbfound when you come around
With little hushes now silence is the perfect sound,
And whether this is fun or pray or play
Just holler at your boy from million miles away

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